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ICEGOV 2022 – Roundtable Session 4

Wednesday, 5 October 2022 | 14:00 - 16:00 | Minho Room


Challenges for achieving meaningful connectivity in Latin American countries and its implication for Digital Government

Digital inclusion is increasingly an issue that goes beyond the binary state of having or not having access to the Internet. It includes several dimensions related to the quality of Internet access, the type of device used, online activities, and outcome benefits one can achieve through the use of digital means. In this context, the concept of meaningful connectivity emerges, including indicators that qualify Internet use, such as the possession of appropriate devices, high connection speed, and daily Internet access. Low meaningful connectivity can also affect access to digital government, particularly among vulnerable groups.

In Latin America, countries still face multiple barriers to providing affordable Internet access. The proficient use of the Internet among certain population groups still faces the challenges of lack of digital skills. Based on these multiple inequalities, the session\'s objective is to discuss the main challenges for achieving meaningful connectivity in the region.

The roundtable session intends to gather indicators related to meaningful connectivity in Latin America and highlight the main challenges to bridging the persistent digital gap in Latin America. This roundtable will also discuss the implications of meaningful connectivity for digital government and how Latin American countries can increase the access to digital government that meets citizens\' demand for public services.

Objectives for the participants

  • Debate the current challenges for achieving meaningful connectivity in Latin America, including an overview of the level of connectivity in the region from multiple socioeconomic perspectives.
  • Discuss the implications of low levels of meaningful connectivity for advancing digital government initiatives in the region.
  • Share regional strategies to promote meaningful connectivity in the context of digital government.
  • Discuss the role of meaningful connectivity in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Organising Committee '23
Alexandre Barbosa
Brazilian Network Information Center
Gonzalo Bustos
University of San Andrés
Organising Committee '23
Manuella Maia Ribeiro
Brazilian Network Information Center
Organising Committee '23
Maria Alexandra Cunha
Getúlio Vargas Foundation
Teddy Woodhouse
Alliance for Affordable Internet
(United Kingdom)