The conference is now accepting Workshops proposals.

▢ About

The conference welcomes the submission of Workshop proposals, including different formats such as tutorials, expert group meetings (EGMs), or focus groups sessions. The accepted workshops will take place on 1 October 2024 and are planned as 2-hours long sessions, either in the morning and/or in the afternoon. Workshops are submitted through a form available on this page below.

The primary objective of the workshops is to shed light on subjects that may not be explicitly addressed in the main conference sessions but remain relevant to the conference theme and tracks. Simultaneously, the aim is to introduce more interactive techniques that foster engagement among participants. Workshops are intended to extend beyond the mere presentation of research findings, such as reports or papers. They should actively encourage networking opportunities with global experts, researchers, practitioners, government officials, and policy-makers, fostering an environment conducive to engaging debates. Given the participatory nature of the workshops, organisers are encouraged to incorporate activities that stimulate active participation and engagement from attendees.

▢ Important dates

We kindly request that all workshop proposals be submitted through the designated form provided below by the deadline of 5 May 2024. Please be advised that submissions received after this date cannot be considered, as alternative means of submission are not available. To ensure a comprehensive evaluation, we encourage each proposal to be as thorough as possible, while adhering to the specified word limit for each field. Upon submission, a confirmation email containing a copy of the proposal will be automatically sent to the designated contact person. The decision notification will be communicated to the same email address by 10 July 2024. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these guidelines.

▢ Selection criteria

All proposals will undergo a formal review process by the Workshops Coordinator, who will, in turn, suggest a list of candidate workshops to the Programme Committee Chairs for validation. The criteria for evaluating each proposal encompass aspects such as relevance, timeliness, novelty, and content.

In the selection process, workshops that explore compelling topics through innovative formats, fostering dynamic interactions and appealing to a diverse range of participants, will be given priority. To enhance the chances of a proposal’s success, proposers are encouraged to carefully contemplate the following questions:

  • Why is the topic(s) relevant to the conference?
  • How does the topic(s) constitute novelty and significance?
  • Who is the expected audience, and what is the strategy foreseen (if any) to attract participants for the workshop?

▢ Conditons

Please be advised that the following conditions are applicable:

  • All workshops must be in-person (no hybrid and no remote presentations).
  • The workshop’s Chair, as well as any invited Speakers (in case they represent different organisations), will be granted free registration to participate in ICEGOV 2024. If the Chair and Speaker represent the same organisation, priority will be given to the Chair. However, it’s important to note that additional expenses beyond registration will not be covered.
  • The organiser(s) of each workshop is the sole responsible for attracting participants. Although the ICEGOV team will promote and disseminate the accepted workshops as much as possible, it is unable to guarantee attendance.

▢ Submission Form

This section is related to the Workshop proposal itself and will serve as the basis for a decision to accept or reject it. Please keep in mind the word limit for each field.

Workshops Proposals
UNU-EGOV is open to exploring the possibility of organizing ancillary sessions such as expert group meetings (EGMs), or focus groups, in addition to traditional workshops.
UNU-EGOV strongly encourages workshop panels that reflect a balanced representation of genders, which will be duly considered in the selection process.