Call for Papers and Submission Tracks

▢ About

In our interconnected world driven by data, algorithms, and automation, the 2024 ICEGOV focuses on discussing “Trust and Ethical Digital Governance for the World We Want.” This theme highlights the pressing need to re-examine the roles of citizens, industry, academia, and governments in developing trust and advancing ethical practices in digital governance. Our current time, in particular due to the recent surge in AI offerings, is marked by fear, distrust, misinformation, and power imbalances, urging us to confront these challenges within digital governance. Creating a more equitable and just world requires re-evaluating existing power dynamics contributing to societal divisions and exclusion. Integrating ethical principles into the design and understanding of technological advancements is crucial to ensure digital governance serves the public good while building trust among citizens and institutions.

You can submit your paper here, or submit a workshop proposal here. Click on the button below to download the Call for Papers.

▢ Submission Tracks

Track 1: Trust and Ethical Digital Governance for the World We Want
→ Track 2: Privacy, security, and ethics in Surveillance Society
→ Track 3: Digital innovations and technology for climate emergency and responses, post-crisis actions
→ Track 4: Digital transformation and innovation in the Public Sector
→ Track 5: Migration and Cross-border Digital Governance
→ Track 6: New perspectives of digital governance measurement, assessment, and monitoring
→ Track 7: Future-ready Digital Workforce and Infrastructure Development
→ Track 8: Smart sustainable Cities and Communities for People
→ Track 9: Social media and digital platforms
→ Track 10: Public and Private Sector Governing Digital Economies
→ Track 11: Focus on the Global South Digital Transformation
→ Track 12: Early Research Track

▢ Doctoral Colloquium

Doctoral Colloquium