Call for Papers and Submission Tracks

The Call for Papers ended. Paper submission is no longer possible.

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Since the very onset of Digital Governance, digital technologies have been implemented to achieve citizen-centric values, such as inclusion, participation, engagement, and transparency in government. However, two decades of digital governance research provide ample empirical evidence that these goals are seldom realised in practice. To achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the digital governance research community must turn its gaze from the internal machinery of government organisations towards the people and the creation of sustainable digital governance for a democratic, equitable, and inclusive future. Under the theme Digital Governance for Democratic, Equitable, and Inclusive Societies, the 16th edition of the International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance aims to provide a platform for the examination and discussions of the problems and solutions of such an undertaking.

▢ Submission Tracks

Track 1: Emerging and disruptive technologies for digital governance
→ Track 2: Privacy, security, and ethics in digital governance
→ Track 3: Digital governance in legislation and the judiciary system
→ Track 4: Digital transformation and innovation of public services and governments
→ Track 5: Digital participation, engagement, transparency, and accountability
→ Track 6: Digital governance measurement, assessment, and monitoring
→ Track 7: Digital governance for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
→ Track 8: Sustainable digitalisation for cities, regions, and communities
→ Track 9: Social media and digital platforms
→ Track 10.A: Industry and Public Sector (English)
→ Track 10.B: Indústria e Setor Público (Portuguese)
→ Track 11: Early Research Track
→ Track 12: Doctoral Colloquium