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ICEGOV 2021 – Doctoral Colloquium

Tuesday, 5 October 2021 | 10:00 - 17:00 | Room Poseidon [B1]


The Doctoral Colloquium is a full-day event that takes place before the conference itself. Chaired by renowned Professors in the area of Digital Governance, the aim of the Doctoral Colloquium is to provide PhD students with an opportunity to present, discuss, and receive feedback from academic experts regarding their submitted paper and, more broadly, their ongoing doctoral work. The session is also useful for building the students' peer-to-peer and professional networks. Naturally, PhD students are also welcome to attend the conference in full afterwards.

In order to attend the Doctoral Colloquium, the student must have a paper accepted for this session on any topic related to the conference theme or tracks. The submission should explain the research problem, the motivation, the research questions, as well as the research methodology. It should also include the scientific and technical challenges, as well as the respective research results. Submissions for the Doctoral Colloquium will have the form of an ongoing research paper (between 5-8 pages). Although supervisors can co-author the paper, the doctoral student must be the first author.

The presentation is limited to 20 minutes, after which the students will receive detailed feedback from the Doctoral Chairs. A short Q&A will follow from the other students present in the session.


  • Welcome remarks and introductions (30 minutes)
  • Paper #1 presentation, feedback, and Q&A (45 minutes)
  • Paper #2 presentation, feedback, and Q&A (45 minutes)
  • Lunch break (60 minutes)
  • Paper #3 presentation, feedback, and Q&A (45 minutes)
  • Paper #4 presentation, feedback, and Q&A (45 minutes)
  • Closing remarks (15 minutes)


Note that paper titles and authors are shown here as extracted from the conference paper management system (EDAS). The accuracy of the provided data is the responsibility of the author(s). [A] denotes a presentation in Athens; [O] denotes an online presentation.

#1 [A] - Assessing the effects of Crowdlaw initiatives: experiences from Latin America by Ana Luisa de Moraes Azenha

#2 [O] - Technology-mediated citizens co-production on disaster management: the case of highly urbanized city by Vicente Pitogo, Francisco Magno

#3 [A] - Digital transformation and the public sector workforce: an exploration and research agenda by Andres Aguilera

#4 [A] - Internet of healthcare: opportunities and legal challenges in internet of things-enabled telehealth ecosystems by Richard Rak


Doctoral Colloquium Chair '23
João Álvaro Carvalho
University of Minho
Hiroko Kudo
Chuo University