Leopoldo Albuquerque

Organising Committee '23

Leopoldo de Albuquerque

Smart City Business America Institute, USA

Leopoldo de Albuquerque started his career as a public servant at Banco do Brasil at the age of 18, where he spent 13 years of good learning until deciding to breathe other airs, initially as an executive in the private sector and then undertaking and promoting corporate and social events.

After that, he moved his career to leveraging his profile of being a business articulator into one with more socially responsible attribution. First, he became the president of ADVB - Association of Sales and Marketing Leaders of Brazil, then President of The Social Intelligence General, followed by being a member of the World Parliament for Security and Peace.

He is the Global President of the Smart City Business America Institute. This organization promotes the advancement of Smart Cities implementation in Latin America, leading initiatives to create a market ecosystem for Smart Cities. With a remarkable ability to involve people around projects and articulate actions, Leopoldo transformed the SCBA Institute into an environment to discuss Smart City Policies and regulations, enabling the conditions for implementing Smart City projects.

He is also a promoter of clean technologies. He helps develop the requirements for financially sustainable projects, aspiring to see the City transformation happen over time and contributing to creating a world with better quality of life.