The structure and times shown for each day are subject to change.

The complete conference programme, including speakers, panellists, organisations, etc., are gradually updated here and UNU-EGOV’s social media channels – LinkedIn and Facebook. Currently, the following sessions are planned throughout the 4 days.

Available links

→ Keynote Lecture: a distinct speaker in the field delivers a lecture on a specific theme. There is Q&A from the audience after the keynote, which lasts around 30 minutes.

→ High-Level Panel: a number of panellists (usually 3) join the keynote lecturer for discussion on the theme presented during the keynote. There is also Q&A from the audience during this session, which lasts 60 minutes.

→ Roundtable Session: organised by leading governmental and non-governmental institutions at both national and international levels, these 2-hours sessions offer discussion and insight into work being carried out regarding Digital Government among experts from different fields.

→ Paper Session: thematically-organised 2-hours sessions where authors of accepted papers present their work. An average of 5 paper presentations take place in each session. There is Q&A from the audience after each paper presentation.

→ Doctoral Colloquium: a full-day session before the conference itself, exclusive to PhD students who have successfully submitted a doctoral paper. The session allows them to present their ongoing PhD work and receive feedback from senior Professors. A networking lunch is included.

→ Workshops: a set of more practical sessions before the conference itself, which take place in the morning and afternoon, usually 2-hours long. Workshops can be organised by institutions or individuals around a wide range of themes. Participants wishing to engage in the workshops will need to register for those separately.