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Paper Session 3

Wednesday, 1 April 2020 | 11:00 - 12:00 | Room Achilles


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Security, Privacy and Ethics in Digital Governance

As information technology penetrates every area and domain of the public sector, societies are investigating the extent of regulation that is needed to ensure that this new phenomenon is an advantage and not a threat. This track aims to discuss aspects associated with the proper use of emerging and disruptive technologies (such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, blockchain, big data processing and more) within the public and private sector. Emphasis may be both to traditional regulatory frameworks, such as GDPR or ISO 27000 and the sort, or self-regulating approaches by employing new ways that IT can enhance the ability of governments to ensure privacy, safety and security of its citizens.


#53 - National Cyber Threat Intelligence Framework: An Approach Towards Effective Cyber Threat Detection and Mitigation by Hariharan Muthuswamy, Seema Khanna, RS Mani

#85 - Vaccination Drive and Cyber Threats in India by V Jayan, Sreejith A

#119 - Public and Private Healthcare Organisations: a Socio-Technical Model for Identifying Cybersecurity Aspects by Kalliopi Anastasopoulou, PhD, Pasquale Mari, Aimilia Magkanaraki, Emmanouil G. Spanakis, Matteo Merialdo, Vangelis Sakkalis, Sabina Magalini


Chair - Paper Session 3
Theresa Pardo
University at Albany (SUNY)
Chair - Paper Session 3
Vasiliki Diamantopoulou
University of the Aegean