Workshops are an integral part of the ICEGOV conference. They focus on bringing together all stakeholders of the conference with complementary or conflicting perspectives on a given topic related to either the conference main theme or the paper tracks. Workshops are interactive and provide interesting discussion of novel ideas. Organizers are encouraged to frame proposals within the scope of the conference main theme and the conference tracks.


  • Workshops are a unique opportunity to organize in-depth discussions on a specific topic or a broader agenda.
  • Provide a deep dive into the latest academic and governmental discussions.
  • Are a chance for insightful practical and theoretical discussions.
  • A chance for networking with international experts, researchers, and practitioners.

Workshops take place on a pre-conference day (2 April 2019). Each workshop lasts 3 hours. There are 6 available slots for workshops (3 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon).


The organiser(s) will be provided with: venue space and logistics for the session, while the chair of the session will receive a free registration. Please note that ICEGOV organizers do not cover travel or accommodation costs for the Chair or other people involved in the session.

Should you be interested in organising a Workshop, please complete the form available here and return it by email to Mariana Lameiras, no later than 10 December 2018. All proposals for Workshops will be evaluated by the ICEGOV2019 Programme Committee Chairs. A maximum of six proposals will be included in the conference. All proposals will receive a notification of the decision by 18 December 2018.