Johanna Awotwi

Poster Exhibition Chair

Johanna Awotwi

Centre on e-Governance, Ghana

Johanna Ekua Awotwi’s career summary reflects more than thirty- nine years’ experience in managing educational, marketing, Information Technology Operations’ Research work, and NGO activities. Currently, in addition to being the Head of Operations of the Pan African Trade Hub System (PATHS) an Intra-African Trade eCommerce platform, she has also, since 2005, been the Director of Research & ICT Operations and founding member of the Centre on e-Governance (Ce-G), Ghana. Between 1995 and 2000, she was a Marketing Executive for one of the first ICT company in Ghana, Ananse Systems. At AQSolutions, she was the Chief of Operations of Ghana’s first external software developing company with clients from the USA from 2000 till 2006.

Johanna ‘s research work on ICT for development in a developing country such as Ghana has led to all papers presented by her being published by ACM through the Centre for Electronic Governance, United Nations University. She has contributed to book chapters on ICT for development and been invited to ICT related meetings by the UNDP and UNESCO. Johanna’s board room experience includes her previous membership of the boards of the Women’s Initiative for Self- Empowerment (WISE) and AQSolutions’ Ghana Ltd. She is currently a board member of the Centre on e-Governance and PATHS, Ghana.

Her educational background includes a BA in Political Science with Law from the University of Ghana Legon 1976, Post Graduate Certificate in Economics, North Carolina Central University NC, USA, August 1979. and ICT training at the Ananse Systems ICT Training School in Accra, Ghana,1995.