Athanasia Routzouni

Chair - Paper Session 15, 18

Athanasia Routzouni

University of the Aegean, Greece

Ms Routzouni is a researcher and Ph.D candidate on open government policies at the University of the Aegean. She holds an MSc in Information Systems Engineering, an MBA, and is a lecturer at the Hellenic National Center of Public Administration. Ms Routzouni is currently working with the Hellenic Ministry of Digital Governance, providing strategic consultancy in public policy design and implementation in the fields of digital government, open government and innovation in the public sector. She is also the project manager for horizontal digital government programs, the coordinator for the national open government policy, the National Anchor Point for the European Language Resource Coordination ELRC and the national Point of Contact to Open Government Partnership.

In parallel she has been working with the EC as an independent expert in the ICT Research and Innovation domain, in connection with Horizon 2020 and CEF. She has also participated in a twining digital government mission in Serbia, a TAIEX digital policies mission in Egypt, and has worked with OECD as a peer reviewer for the digital and open government review of Thailand.

Ms Routzouni has previously worked for ten years in the private sector, in the ICT and Banking domains.