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Paper Session 12

Thursday, 24 September 2020 | 15:00 - 17:00 |


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Digital Governance Assessment Methods

The existence and application of assessment instruments increase the likelihood of success of digital transformation initiatives at different levels (i.e. municipal, regional, national, international) and in different domains of the public sector (i.e. healthcare, education, justice, security, environmental planning, etc.). This track examines the methods, frameworks and tools for measuring various aspects of Digital Governance development and progress, such as service provision efficiency, organisational-semantic-technological-legal interoperability, data quality, digital skills maturity, citizen engagement, infrastructure readiness and more. The track invites papers presenting methods and instruments that can be used to monitor and assess the progress of Digital Governance transformation and to analyse the relationship between public policy and society, especially on how public services delivery is transferred to citizens, not excluding reflections or enhancements on existing assessment methods, currently in use by nations or international organisations.


NOTE: paper titles and authors are shown here as extracted from EDAS; the accuracy of this data is the responsibility of the author(s).

#1 - Establishing Relational Trust in e-Participation: A Systematic Literature Review to Propose a Model by Naci Karkin, Burcu Demirdöven and Ecem Buse Sevinç Çubuk

#2 - The Public Security Test of Brazilian E-Voting System the Challenges in Pre-Electoral Observation by Rodrigo Cardoso Silva

#3 - HSWAI: A Health Sector Website Assessment Instrument by Dimitrios Sarantis, Delfina Soares and Joana Carvalho

#4 - Technology Readiness Revisited: A Proposal for Extending the Scope of Impact Assessment of European Public Services by Ilenia Bruno, Georges Lobo, Beatrice Valente Covino, Alessandro Donarelli, Valeria Marchetti, Anna Schiavone Panni and Francesco Molinari

#5 - Global Open Government Data: Status and Trend by Wai Min Kwok, Vincenzo Aquaro, Zheng Lei and Xinyu Qi

#6 - Digital Governance Assessment from the Conceptualization of Information Infrastructures by Alandey Severo Leite da Silva and Antonio Alberto Teixeira

#7 - Measures to Safeguard Food Security During COVID-19: The Experience of the Sowing Plan in Venezuela by Aryam A Salazar

#8 - Understanding Responsiveness of E-Governance Platforms of Bangladesh by Saima Khan and Moinul Zaber


Delfina Soares
United Nations University (UNU-EGOV)