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Invited Session 4

Thursday, 24 September 2020 | 15:00 - 17:00 |


Open justice and transparency in a digital age: strengthening the judicial systems to achieve peaceful, just, and inclusive societies

As the adoption of new technological tools progress among several sectors of government, an increasing relevant question is to understand to what extend openness and transparency can be affected by this new scenario. There is strong evidence that digital technologies can foster efficiency, effectiveness and inclusiveness of judicial systems, particularly, in developing countries. At the same time, the adoption of innovative technologies based on artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain also poses opportunities, risks and ethical challenges to legal decision-making in the context of the judicial systems globally, always having as ultimate goal the enhancement of Rule of Law and the protection and promotion of human rights.

The main objective of the session is to discuss how the adoption of digital technologies in Ibero-American countries can improve judicial systems by making legal institutions more efficient, transparent and accountable. Among the topics covered is how digitalization can foster access to justice, openness, transparency and better policies taking on concrete experiences of recognized justice sector institutions from the region.


  • Bring together a growing coalition of international justice sector organizations that promotes open justice and transparency across Ibero-American countries.
  • Present the strategies of innovation and lessons learned from Ibero-America that explain and demonstrate in a concrete way how judicial systems can promote progress in digital societies.
  • Strengthen evidence-based strategies to promote open justice in the region.


The event will be structured as an interactive event. It will consist of three segments:

  • Opening session: what we know about the adoption of digital technologies by legal systems? Evidence from Ibero-American countries.
  • Panel of invited experts: what we need to move forward? Successful experiences promoting open justice and transparency.
  • Comments from the audience and closing.


Gherman Welsch Chahuán
Public Ministry of Chile
Maria Luísa Pacheco
Conference of Ministers of Justice of the Ibero-American Countries
Pedro Alvarez de Benito
General Council of the Judicial Power of Spain
Ricardo Pérez Manrique
Inter-American Court of Human Rights