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ICEGOV 2022 – Workshop 6

Friday, 7 October 2022 | 14:00 - 17:00 | Mondego Room


Evolvement of advanced digital skills on interoperability with the Interoperable Europe Academy

The Interoperable Europe Academy objective is to be the central online place with for eLearning for advanced skills for Interoperability. These digital skills, knowledge and competences will help the needs of the public sector employees, policy makers, or young professionals. A wide variety of courses is included and are free of charge (i.e., self-paced, live, online and face to face courses, workshops, webinars) related to all aspects of interoperable e-Government and digital transformation In this workshop the interoperability concept and the supporting EU policies will be presented, as well as the Interoperable Europe Academy. The audience will have an opportunity to share their needs, ideas, suggestions and, in that way, co -create the future eLearning courses and developments of the Academy.

Objectives for the participants

  • To learn more about interoperability as a concept & related EU policies;
  • To become aware of the trends in the spheres of advanced digital skills in the public sector, as well as training opportunities which will foster their advanced digital skills, competences, and knowledge;
  • To share their ideas and suggestions in order to shape the offer of the Interoperable Europe Academy according to their needs;
  • To exchange experiences with their peers about the current and future trends in the eGovernment, with the special focus on interoperability.


Georges Lobo
European Commission
Victoria Kalogirou
European Commission