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Keynote Lecture 2 & Plenary 2

Thursday, 24 September 2020 | 10:00 - 11:30 |


Keynote Lecture | Artificial intelligence in digital governance: the digital twins paradigm

The core of the digital governance is to use modern technology for *informed decision making*. What are the key prerequisites for such a goal? As a key enabler is a platform for a *situational awareness* on the level of a country (or any of its subsystems) – this is what we call a country *digital twin*. A digital twin is a system which allows to maintain a near real-time digital representation of a physical reality in a country. Such a platform would allow decision makers to have an up-to-date picture of what is happening in the domain they are controlling. The talk will present an approach how to build a country level digital twin, what are the key ingredients, what are the benefits and possible risks. The talk will be based on the experience from Slovenia in the context of the covid-19 crisis where a need for a fast, complete and accurate situational awareness became significantly emphasized.

Plenary Session | How can digital governance use AI to help "build back better"


Keynote Speaker

Marko Grobelnik

Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI)


Marko Grobelnik is an expert researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Focused areas of expertise are Machine Learning, Data/Text/Web Mining, Network Analysis, Semantic Technologies, Deep Text Understanding, and Data Visualization. Marko co-leads Artificial Intelligence Lab at Jozef Stefan Institute, cofounded UNESCO International Research Center on AI (IRCAI), and is the CEO of Quintelligence.com specialized in solving complex AI tasks for the commercial world. He collaborates with major European academic institutions and major industries such as Bloomberg, British Telecom, European Commission, Microsoft Research, New York Times. Marko is co-author of several books, co-founder of several start-ups and is/was involved into over 50 EU funded research projects in various fields of Artificial Intelligence. Marko represents Slovenia in OECD AI Committee (ONE AI) and in Council of Europe Committee on AI (CAHAI). In 2016 Marko became Digital Champion of Slovenia at European Commission.


Jeremy Millard
Third Millennium Governance


Hiroko Kudo
Chuo University
Maria A. Wimmer
University of Koblenz-Landau
Robert Krimmer
Tallinn University of Technology