FAQ – Virtual Platform

 If your question is not covered by this FAQ, please contact us.

? Which device should I use to participate in ICEGOV 2020?
? You will need a desktop or laptop computer that has a working internet connection. Please make sure to have installed the latest version of Google Chrome, which is the browser that guarantees maximum compatibility with the virtual platform. Please note that you are responsible for a properly functioning and charged device. Any modern Operating System should work.

? How do I log in?
? You may log in by entering your email address and either the password that you used during your registration or the personal PIN that will be sent to you by email a few days before the conference.

? The device that I will use has a camera installed. Will I be visible to other participants or anyone else during the conference?
? No, you will not be visible unless you decide to activate that function during workshops, networking functions or one-to-one meetings with other attendees.

? My internet connection is not working properly. Will I be able to participate in the conference?
? This is a virtual event, which means that most and foremost you will need a stable and strong internet connection. A connection of at least 2 Mbps is recommended for attending the conference, and at least 8 Mbps for presenters and chairs. Please use a wired connection if possible instead of wi-fi.

? Can I test my access to the virtual environment ahead of the conference?
? Yes, you can. Attendees will have the opportunity to test the online platform as early as one week before the event. Oral presenters will be allocated a specific rehearsal time slot. All dates will be announced in the near future.

? Can I ask questions as a virtual participant of the conference?
? Yes, provided that there is a Q&A module available in a session. Note that speakers may bundle attendee’s questions by theme. Speakers may refrain from answering questions if answering the number of questions exceeds the time frame of their session.

? Which platform is used to video broadcasting?
? Our platform uses Zoom. Make sure that you are logging in from a network that allows the use of Zoom. Some corporate or university networks employ restrictive firewalls, if that is the case you may prefer to access the conference from a different location.

? As of which moment can I log into the conference virtually?
? You can log in as early as 60 minutes before the start of the conference. Once you have done so, you are counted as a delegate, attending the conference virtually, even if you leave before the start or at any time during the conference (whether or not due to an internet connection failure). We encourage you to log in timely and not last minute.

? The online platform is not allowing me to log in, what should I do?
? Please contact Alkis Polyrakis directly through apolyrakis@convin.gr.

? I appreciate the possibility and option to participate in ICEGOV 2020 online. However, I wonder how the organisers ensure that the online participation will be without issues?
? The Organisers offer the application through third parties that have such experience. However, even though the organisers have provided their best efforts to ensure delegates are offered the best possible service, they cannot guarantee that virtual attendees will not experience issues that are common to any innovative application.

? When I participate online, will other delegates be informed that I am participating or do they have the possibility to know that?
? Upon logging in to the virtual platform for the first time, you will be given the option to choose which exact information you wish to share with other attendees. This information will be shown in the Meeting Hub, Networking Functions and any other module that involves interaction with other attendees, excluding scientific sessions.

? If there is failure in my network connection or if my device stops working during the conference, will I be able to log in and continue to participate in the conference once the connection has been restored?
? Yes, assuming that you have logged in successfully prior to the start of the virtual conference, you will be able to continue to attend the conference after the network connection has been restored. You will also be able to attend anything you might have missed due to the technical problem you have come up with, since all sessions will be recorded and available to all virtual registrants after the conference.

? Whom can I contact if I have a question that is not included above?
? Please send an email to registrations-icegov2020@convin.gr.