FAQ – Registrations

 If your question is not covered by this FAQ, please contact us.

Existing registrations (pre COVID-19 pandemic)

? Can I cancel my registration for the conference?
? Since the conference is taking place, albeit in a different format (virtual), the only available option is to maintain your registration, which will automatically be converted to a virtual one. Regarding the balance occurred for the different fee (physical vs virtual), you can:

a) either declare us to pass the balance to the next year’s physical conference; OR
b) request a refund for the balance.

In the case of option B, a 50€ administrative fee applies, together with any bank charges that may apply. After 15 September 2020, if there is no written notice from the part of the registered participant to us, the remaining balance of the original 2020 registration will be automatically transferred to ICEGOV 2021.

? Alterations / name changes:
? Until 20 August 2020 name changes will be charged a €20 administrative fee. After 21 August 2020 no name changes will be accepted. Virtual non-attendees at the Virtual Conference will be charged the full fee. All refunds will be processed within one (1) month after the end of the conference and bank charges associated with this will be the responsibility of the participant.

New registrations (post COVID-19 pandemic)

? How can I register for ICEGOV 2020?
? To register for the conference, please click here.

? How can I pay the registration fees?
? You can pay by credit card or bank transfer until 12 September 2020. After this day, you will only have the option to pay by credit card.

? What does the registration fee include?
? For details on the entitlements of each registration category and type of participation, please click here.

? Will I receive some kind of confirmation after I have finished the registration?
? Yes, a detailed confirmation letter and receipt – if the payment is complete – will be sent to you by email upon submission of your registration.

? Can I receive an invoice under my sponsoring company / institution name?
? Yes, this is possible, as long as you select the option “I will need an invoice” upon completion of your registration. At this point, you will also need to fill in all the relevant billing details of the company/institution.