Call for Papers

The Call for Papers ended on 15 May 2022. Paper submission is no longer possible.


Social, Economic, and Environmental Prosperity are universally considered noble ideals for the Peoples, being elements of capital relevance to societies’ progress and sustainable development. The role of governance and government institutions in achieving this trilogy of prosperity dimensions is unquestionable. Also unquestionable is the basilar and catalysing role of Digital Technologies in the transformation and improvement of government operations and governance mechanisms.

Under the theme Digital Governance for Social, Economic, and Environmental Prosperity, the 15th edition of ICEGOV aims at contributing to the debate, reflection, knowledge generation, and systematisation and sharing on how digital technologies can be effectively harnessed to foster prosperity and development. At the same time, the conference will contribute towards a more inclusive, just, resilient and trustworthy world where no one is left behind, in a tight and proper alignment with the discussions and actions that have been instigated and promoted by the UN Secretary-General and Member-States. A multitude of topics is available for paper submission via the thematic tracks.

Conference Tracks

Track 1: Frontier technologies for a new era of governance
Track 2: Privacy, security, legal informatics, and ethics for trustworthy institutions
Track 3: International and transnational issues in digital governance
Track 4: Digital transformation and innovation of public services and governments
Track 5: Open government, civic participation, and engagement
Track 6: Digital governance measurement, assessment, and monitoring
Track 7: Inclusive, equitable, and resilient governments for the SDGs
Track 8: Smart sustainable cities, regions, and communities
Track 9: Doctoral Colloquium
Track 10: Industry and Public Sector
Track 11: Poster Exhibition