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Workshop 6

Tuesday, 2 April 2019 | 14:00 - 17:00 | Room CANBERRA (016.07.004)


Towards Measuring Rural Electronic Governance


Rural development is central to addressing the development needs of the world’s extreme poor and attaining a number of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) related to poverty and hunger eradication, reduced inequalities and decent work and economic growth. Given the centrality of governance in development, research on electronic or digital governance in the rural context is beginning to attract research interests both in developing and developed countries. While there is a general understanding and significant stock of knowledge on digital government in national context, digital government in the rural context is relatively poorly understood with paucity of models and frameworks to conceptualise and measure related initiatives. This session will bring together leading academics and practitioners in the area of rural e-governance to discuss the different dimension of as a foundation for developing a measurement framework for rural e-governance.



  • Present state-of-play in rural electronic governance;
  • Discuss the different dimensions of rural e-governance;
  • Identify possible indicators for measuring the rural e-governance capacity and progress;
  • Discuss challenges in obtaining data for rural e-governance measurements and strategies to address these challenges.


The organisers will start with a joint presentation on state of play in rural e-governance and conceptualisation of the concept. The presentation will end with a set of questions that the panel will discuss. This will take about 20 mins with 10 mins for Q&A. We plan to have 4 panel members from academic, civil society, international organisation and private sector.

The panel members will provide their contributions either in a form of presentation or oral presentation for 10 mins with 5 mins Q&A addressing one or more of the panel questions.

The remaining 30 minutes will be used for open discussion with the audience.



To be added.


Workshop 6 Chair
Harekrishna Misra
Institute of Rural Management Anand
Workshop 6 Speaker
Leisa Jane Armstong
Edith Cowan University
Workshop 6 Speaker
Ahmed Imran
University of Canberra
Track 2 Chair / Workshop 6 Speaker
Adegboyega Ojo
National University of Ireland Galway