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Workshop 2

Tuesday, 22 September 2020 | 10:00 - 13:00 |


Embracing disruption: enhancing the delivery of user-centric legal informatics services

Legal information retrieval (LIR) systems operate to provide access to legislation, case law and other legal documents, and are built upon advanced legal informatics services that provide important value-added functionalities to different target populations. The European legal system is multi-layered and complex, and large quantities of legal documentation have been produced since its inception. The purpose of the ManyLaws is to develop a suite of user-centric services that will ensure the real-time provision and visualisation of legal information, supported by the proper environment for semantically annotated Big Open Legal Data (BOLD). This workshop aims to engage an audience of international scholars, practitioners, and public servants in a critical exploration of the business requirements, service offerings, and platform mock-ups associated with the ManyLaws project.


The primary objective of this workshop is to explore current developments in the provision of legal informatics services in Europe within the context of the ManyLaws project. To achieve this, the following key outcomes are sought:

  • A critical evaluation of previously identified business needs;
  • The mapping of projected service offerings with identified metadata fields;
  • Initial evaluation of the first mock-ups of the ManyLaws platform.


The workshop is projected to be an interactive three-hours session, consisting of a mixture of moderator presentations and group activities. Each topic will be assigned a dedicated one-hour period. Of this, ten minutes will be given over to a moderator presentation and the remaining time to a group discussion or similar interactive element.


Shefali Virkar
Danube University Krems
Local Organisation Chair
Charalampos Alexopoulos
University of the Aegean
Ilias Romas
INTRASOFT International S.A.
Günther Schefbeck
Austrian Parliament Administration
Nektarios Kyriakou
Hellenic Parliament
Sofia Tsekeridou
INTRASOFT International S.A.
Stefania Stavropoulou
INTRASOFT International S.A.
Programme Committee Chair
Yannis Charalabidis
University of the Aegean