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Workshop 1

Tuesday, 2 April 2019 | 10:00 - 13:00 | Room PERTH (016.07.002)


e-Governance Change Management in the Public Sector


After being considered an early adapter in 1990s, Australia’s e-Governance efforts have lacked a "joined-up" approach (Australian Strategic Policy Institute, 2018).  Effective management of change is often attributed as one of the key factors for the success of major projects in general and e-Governance projects in particular. New South Wales (NSW) Public Sector Employees Surveys over three consecutive years (People Matter 2016, 2017, 2018) highlight that a clear majority of employees across the sector (a total 329,00) do not agree that senior management effectively lead and manage change.

This workshop will focus on key challenges to change management with focus on NSW government's e-Governance initiatives. The workshop will review the approaches that can be used to address those challenges and successfully lead the change.

The workshop offers a rich blend of executive level practitioners' perspective and academic insights which will help participants understand, appreciate, and deliver the nuances of the e-Change management. The workshop also involves engaging "snakes and ladders" activity where participants identify barriers and enablers to change in their own (e-Governance) projects.



  • Discuss change management issues faced by NSW government's e-Governance initiatives;
  • Show approaches used to lead these change management initiatives;
  • Learning outcomes from the change management practitioners;
  • Define leadership approaches for successful change management in public sector.


The workshop involves a presentation followed by a group activity of identifying change barriers and enablers. This activity has been successfully tested within a large public sector organisation. The participants will also be provided with some take away material to reinforce the message.



  • Broad understanding of change management issues faced by NSW government while implementing e-Governance projects;
  • Introduction to proven change management methodologies to accelerate implementation of e-Governance projects;
  • Identification of change enablers and barriers in participant's own (e-Governance) projects.


Workshop 1 Chair
Arvind Tyagi
Government of New South Wales
Workshop 1 Speaker
Hardik Vachharajani
Crown Institute of Higher Education