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Workshop 1

Tuesday, 22 September 2020 | 10:00 - 13:00 | Room Poseidon


e-Governance for the Social Inclusion of Marginalised Communities

e-Governance has been successful in managing the digitisation of the government processes. It has the power to socially include the marginalised communities for decision making, resource sharing, voice raising, and other aspects of society. Better usage of technologies and lesser involvement of humans will mean that biasness towards the marginalised communities will be low. This argument is further enhanced by the usage of disruptive technologies like Blockchain, IoT, Social Media, Cybersecurity, etc. Personal attacks and exploitation of people from marginalised communities can be stopped with the efficient execution of e-Governance practices.

The workshop covers up various topics related to the usage of e-Governance for Social Inclusion of Marginalised Communities. It covers up presentations, case studies and videos on topics like financial inclusion, women empowerment, health improvement, removal of barriers to using government services, usage of social media, inclusion of trans-genders in public administration, and role of disruptive technologies in managing marginalised communities. This interactive workshop will be helpful for policy-makers, researchers, academicians, politicians, and people from marginalised communities.


The objectives of the workshop are:

  • Discuss the inclusion of marginalised communities around the world;
  • Communicate the best practices in e-Governance for social inclusion of marginalised communities;
  • Analyse case studies for successful integration of marginalised communities through e-Governance.


The workshop will be an amalgamation of different tasks: power-point presentation, case study analysis, and videos. All three tasks will be interactive and will involve speaker-audience interaction for keeping the session lively. The sub-sessions will be short and crisp to keep the interest of the participants alive during the workshop. Handouts will be given to the participants for key statistics.

The tentative schedule for the workshop is as follows:

  • Introduction to the workshop and agenda discussion
  • Presentation on “Social Exclusion of Marginalised Communities across the world” and audience feedback on different types of solutions they can think of through e-Governance for marginalised communities.
  • Presentation and videos on different case studies
    • Financial inclusion of communities from backward classes through direct benefit transfers under e-Governance;
    • Women empowerment through e-Governance;
    • Improving children health and nutritional value;
    • Trans-genders making a mark in public administration and governance.
  • Case study analysis for participants. A specific case on the “role of social media” and “e-Participation” forums will be given to the audience on problems of marginalised communities, and a live solution framework will be formulated based on other successful cases and participants’ feedback.
  • Discussion on the “Role of Disruptive Technologies in e-Governance to solve the problems of marginalised communities in the world?” along with Q&A from the audience and concluding remarks.


Chair - Workshop 1
Rajan Gupta
University of Delhi
Speaker - Workshop 1
Saibal Kumar Pal
Defence Research & Development Organization