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Paper Session 2

Wednesday, 1 April 2020 | 11:00 - 13:00 | Room Aphrodite


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Distributed Ledgers and Blockchain Technologies in Governance

The implementation of distributed ledger and blockchain technologies (DLT and BC) in public administration promises “disruptive improvements” on the availability, efficiency, security, interoperability and openness of digital public services in several areas. This track aims at exploring challenges and opportunities that distributed ledgers and blockchain technologies bring to governance in areas such as smart contracts management, protection of intellectual property, identity management, land registry, taxation, legal enforcement and legislation records, procurement, invoicing and payments, cyber-protection, security and safety, health and education. Possible applications and repercussions of crypto-currencies in governance are also included within the scope of the track.


#10 - A New Business Model for Digital Governance of Public Records Using Blockchain by Sushil Prakash, Ilaventhan Gunalan

#93 - A Development Framework for Blockchain Technologies in Digital Government by Ioannis Koulizakis, Loukis Euripides

#167 - A Legal Framework for Blockchain Technology in Brazil by Rodrigo Cardoso Silva

#187 - New Technology Interventions Including Blockchain Technology in Land Record and Registry Management in India by Anjali Kaushik

#212 - Blockchain Technology to Improve Transparency in Brazilian Destatization Process: Case of BNDES by Milber Fernandes Morais Bourguignon, Vanessa R S Almeida, Marie Anne Macadar


Chair - Paper Session 2
Eduardo Diniz
Getulio Vargas Foundation
Chair - Paper Session 2
Robert Krimmer
Tallinn University of Technology