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Paper Session 15

Friday, 25 September 2020 | 15:00 - 17:00 |


Industry and Public Sector (part 2)

The Industry and Public Sector track merges the papers originally submitted to these tracks. Public Sector can be policy papers that are synthetic documents designed to enable outreach and impact, stemming from case studies, research projects, or other successful digital governance attempts in the public sector, written to include non-specialized audiences. Industry Papers are submissions from representatives from the industry and SMEs, who can present recent developments, projects and applications, innovative products or services, practical experiences, or research and development efforts related to the conference theme.


NOTE: paper titles and authors are shown here as extracted from EDAS; the accuracy of this data is the responsibility of the author(s).

#1 - How Data Vocabulary Standards Enhance the Exchange of Information Exposed Through APIs: The Case of Public Service Descriptions by Emidio Stani, Florian Barthélemy, Kareljan Raes, Maxime Pittomvils and Miguel Alvarez Rodriguez

#2 - The EIF Monitoring Mechanism by Federico Chiarelli, Barbora Kudzmanaite, Miguel Alvarez Rodriguez and Giorgio Cacciaguerra Ranghieri

#3 - Digital Fulcrum Shifts to Go Beyond BAU-on-steroids by Ajit George Paul

#4 - On the Impact of Technology on the Workforce of Government by Evert-Jan Mulder and Renz Davits

#5 - Digital Transformation in Higher Education Institutions: A Case Study of Baze University Abuja, Nigeria by Rislana Abdulazeez Kanya

#6 - Petrobras' Operation Center: An Oil & Gas Brazilian Company Case by Luiz Felipe R. B. Queiroz and Marie Anne Macadar

#7 - Towards a Register-Based Census in Oman by Ali H Al-Lawati and Luís Soares Barbosa

#8 - Key Indicators for Justice: Evidence-based Research for Policy-Making by Mariana Lameiras, Maria João Costa, Soumaya I. Ben Dhaou and Delfina Soares


Aggeliki Androutsopoulou
University of the Aegean
Teta Stamati
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens