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Paper Session 12

Friday, 5 April 2019 | 14:00 - 16:00 | RMIT University


Track 1: Digital Transformation of Public Services and Governments

Digital transformation focuses on the use of digital technologies to improve access to government information previously held in physical formats; to modernise and provide digital access to public services provided to citizens, businesses, and other stakeholders; to automate internal operations of government organizations; and to improve productivity through the benefits of electronic governance. This track is dedicated to the research that study digital transformation for internal processes, structures, and working practices of the government organizations, at every level, to benefit citizens and businesses.



  • Deep Learning Powered Question-Answering Framework For Organizations Digital Transformation by Nuno Ramos Carvalho and Luis Barbosa
  • eGovernment Public Value Chain: Creating Value before Measuring Outcomes by Olusegun Agbabiaka
  • Implanting IT Applications in Government Institutions: A Process Model Emerging from a Case Study in a Medium-Sized Municipality by Irving Reascos
  • The current context of mobile application use in Central Administration of Brazil and Portugal by Débora Dutra and Delfina Soares
  • Understanding Strategic Alliances in the Public Sector: The case of Brazilian DMV by Luciana Rigotto, Elita Martins Andrade, Beatriz Barreto Brasileiro Lanza, Andréa Paula Segatto and Marcia Ramos May
  • Public-Private Partnerships in Municipal Wi-Fi: Optimising Public Value by Ian McShane


Track 1 Chair
João Carvalho
United Nations University (UNU-EGOV)
Track 1 Chair
Sehl Mellouli
Laval University
Track 1 Chair
Theresa Pardo
Center for Technology in Government