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Invited Session 5

Friday, 5 April 2019 | 10:30 - 12:30 | Room ADELAIDE (016.07.003/4)


AI in the Real World? Balancing Challenges and Opportunities to Deliver Better Public Value and Improve Service Delivery


Emerging technologies (ET), such Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, have the potential to disrupt and reinvent the relationship between governments and their citizens and businesses. Emerging technologies form part of a Digital Transformation evolutionary trend, which characterizes governments’ efforts to use data and technology in better serving the needs of digital economies and digital societies.

These technologies promise the chance to reboot public sectors, providing new ways to engage with communities and service users to inform policy making and change ways to design services which are rooted in the DNA of public sectors. This is why, as the adoption of emerging technologies mature, governments will be challenged to govern their adoption in order to maximise public value, adapting institutional frameworks, reinforcing and realigning capabilities and securing the involvement and collaboration with the digital government ecosystem of stakeholders. Governments are required also to address issues which remain unresolved at this early stage, particularly concerning the ethical and unbiased use of algorithms and data which, if not properly addressed, will risk eroding public trust.

As the uptake of emerging technologies becomes the norm of ongoing evolutions from e-government to digital government, public sectors need to balance the need to experiment with the capacity to incorporate disruptive technologies in their public value creation processes.



The session will aim to foster discussion on:

  • Challenges and opportunities encountered in applying emerging technologies to make public sectors more responsive and inclusive;
  • Enhance the capacity to deliver public value in more sustainable ways;
  • The institutional, technical and human capacities necessary to build a coherent, sustainable and inclusive digitally-enabled state in an age of disruption;
  • Digital rights in an era of emerging technologies;
  • From reactive to proactive service delivery.


The session will consist on a thematic debate involving representatives from the public sector to discuss how a collaborative approach could lead to address the issues raised above.


Invited Session 5 Chair
Barbara Ubaldi
Conference Chair Representative & Invited Session 5 Panelist
Anthony Vlasic
Digitral Transformation Agency
Invited Session 3 & 5 Panelist
Jose Clastornik
Invited Session 5 Panelist
Pia Andrews
Government of New South Wales
Invited Session 5 Panelist
Tim Occleshaw
Department of Internal Affairs


Invited Session Organiser

Ministry of Digital Governance of the Hellenic Republic