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Invited Session 3

Thursday, 4 April 2019 | 10:30 - 12:30 | Room ADELAIDE (016.07.003/4)


Digital Government and the 2030 SDGs: Collaborative Efforts to Measure ICT Indicators in Latin America and the Caribbean


Promoting socio-economic development in the context of the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda poses a challenge for many countries, especially in the global south. It not only requires countries to create their political agenda and design evidence-based public policies to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs), but also calls for the production of reliable and internationally comparable data to monitor the progress in attaining these goals. Each SDG has a set of universally applicable goals and defined indicators reveal quantitative and or qualitative data that together will define whether a goal is being achieved or not. In this context, information and communication technologies (ICT) are been recognized as crucial for achieving SDGs since technologies are an important enabler in integrating and accelerating progress toward the 2030 agenda goals (For example, SDGs 8 and 16).

The objective of this session is to discuss the production and analysis of data for measuring the progress towards those SDGs related to ICT and digital government by exploring Latin American and the Caribbean countries experiences in the field. The reality of these countries is characterized by a number of challenges, such as technical, financial, human resources, among others, to implement political actions, including ICT-related issues as lack of electronic transactions and digital exclusion. The session will also explore the challenges faced by these countries to monitor the SDGs and their cooperation efforts. In this sense, the initiative “Network of e-Government Leaders of Latin America and the Caribbean (Red GEALC)” and its working group responsible for defining measurement and assessment instruments will be presented.



  • To present and debate Latin America and the Caribbean countries strategies to monitor the SDGs related to ICT and digital government, including initiatives in some countries, as well as the role of Red GEALC and UNESCO in this context;
  • To analyse measurement challenges for production of ICT indicators in the regional, national and local levels;
  • To discuss cooperation and collaboration possibilities among Latin America and the Caribbean countries;
  • To discuss existing methodological frameworks and set of internationally comparable indicators to measure digital government.


Panelists will present their cases of digital government contributions to the realization of the SDG and their challenges to produce policy-relevant data.  Each panelist will make a short presentation followed by a debate with participants.


Chair - Track 6
Alexandre Barbosa
Invited Session 3 Panellist
Eric Ramirez
Government of El Salvador
Invited Session 3 Panelist
Gabriel Reyes Ordóñez
National Authority of Government Innovation of Panama
Invited Session 3 Panelist
Guilherme Canela
Invited Session 3 & 5 Panelist
Jose Clastornik
Invited Session 2 Panellist
Manuella Maia Ribeiro
Vincenzo Aquaro


Invited Session Organiser
Invited Session Organiser
Invited Session Organiser

Ministry of Digital Governance of the Hellenic Republic