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Industry Session 3

Thursday, 4 April 2019 | 10:30:00 - 12:30:00 | Storey Hall - RMIT University


Participation, Engagement, and Empowerment

Topic: Achieving Social Impact in Emerging Economies Jane Thomason, CEO Blockchain Quantum Impact

Forbes Magazine’s 2018 Blockchain Leading Social Development Evangelist, Dr Jane is a passionate advocate for digital technology’s ability to achieve social impact and improve service delivery. She has been awarded the Top 10 Digital Frontier Women and UN Decade of Women Quantum Impact Champion. With 30 years experience in emerging economies, public health, poverty and inequality, Jane advises start-ups through to multi-national companies and INGOs on the strategic use of frontier technologies.

Topic: Designing for change; the future of electronic voting Jamie Skella, Corporate Technology Strategic Advisor, Skella & Co

Winning the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer award for his Blockchain voting system, Jamie’s world-first technology was listed 7 among 100 innovations that will change the world by The Australian. Selected as 1 of 25 individuals spanning 20 nations, Jamie was invited to the BMW Foundation Global Table as a result of this most recent work, having dedicated the past 20 years to identifying and seizing emerging technology opportunities across ASX 100 businesses, award winning startups, and global brands.

Topic: Creating citizen-centric, future-ready organisations Katrina Donaghy, CEO Civic Ledger

Through Katrina's early years as a sociologist through to her interest in entrepreneurialism, she has extensive experience in public policy and early stage commercialisation. For more than 20 years, Katrina has worked in both public and not for profit sectors with a specific focus on business development, project delivery and revenue diversification with the view to building resilient and sustainable organisations.

In Australia, she regularly speaks on the topic of why cities and governments should be exploring blockchain technologies. Katrina's interest in blockchain technologies is driven by her curiosity of its potential for governments to create and facilitate new citizen-at-the-centre markets, organisations and economies of the future. Topic: Redesigning Democracy Dion McCurdy, CEO and Founder of NewVote

Topic: The importance of being trustworthy. How to create trusted organisations. Nichola Cooper, Senior Research Analyst, Blockchain Quantum Impact, Head of Research NewVote, Trust Expert

Nichola is a researcher with a background in law and technology. With research interests in trust and frontier technologies, Nichola writes and advises on understanding, measuring and improving trust institutional trust.


Industry Session 3 Chair
Nichola Cooper
Industry Speaker
Jane Thomason
Blockchain Quantum Impact
Industry Speaker
Jamie Skella
Skella & Co
Industry Speaker
Katrina Donaghy
Civic Ledger
Industry Speaker
Dion McCurdy