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Track 7: Digital Transformation of Public Services and Administration

Friday, 3 April 2020 | - | Harokopio University of Athens


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Digital transformation has become an essential part of the strategic agendas, both in the public and the private sector. The track focuses on new and reusable ways to use digital technologies in revolutionising the way digital public services are provided through the proper transformation of organisational, semantic and technological aspects of administration. Such ways may include re-engineering the processes, applying “once-only” principles to data and systems, establishing paperless and “beyond bureaucracy” practices, automating internal operations of government organisations, improving productivity and skills of the public servants or improving access to government information and public services by citizens and businesses


Chair - Track 7
Adegboyega Ojo
National University of Ireland Galway
Chair - Track 7
Efthimios Tambouris
University of Macedonia