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Track 14: Poster Exhibition

Friday, 3 April 2020 | - | Room TBA


Icon poster exhibition

The conference welcomes submissions of short papers to describe ongoing work, including new project ideas, initial results, open questions, development plans, etc. with the potential to contribute to Digital Government research and practice. Accepted papers for this Track will be presented during the Poster Exhibition to stimulate discussion, create research-practice and research-policy connections, provide feedback to the authors, and nourish opportunities for international, multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration. The papers will be included in the conference proceedings.


#46 - Participatory Urban Planning Through Online webGIS Platform: Operations and Tools by Eleni Mougiakou, Anastasia Christaki, Giouli Athousaki, Theodoros Vakkas, George Velegrakis, Pantelis Mitropoulos, Thanos Andritsos, Dimitris Poulios, Kostas Vourekas, Sofia Tsadari, Anastasios Manos, Spyros Tzortzis

#108 - Using Georeferencing Tools to Uncover Fake News by Bárbara Luiza Coutinho do Nascimento, Alexandre Rodrigues de Oliveira

#110 - Participatory Budgeting & E-Participation in Smart City: Institutional Model and Comparative Overview by Vitalina Karacay, Andrei Chugunov, Ruzhena Neustroeva

#124 - Application of Social Networks User' Digital Fingerprints to Predict Their Information Image by Alexandr Sergeevich Tropnikov, Anna Borisovna Uglova, Boris Nizomutdinov

#147 - Digital Diversity and an Inclusive Smart Society A Novel Methodological Search for Digital Participation and Sustainable Development in a Swedish Suburb by Karin Skill, Elin Wihlborg, Ahmed Kaharevic

#165 - Online Trust and ICTs Usage: Findings from St. Petersburg, Russia by Yury Kabanov, Lyudmila Vidiasova

#179 - Modeling City Land Use with an Ontology by Natalia Chichkova, Alena Begler, Vitaly Vlasov

#213 - UPI-Going Cashless in Emerging Economies by Jisha Krishnan, Harikrishnan Harikrishnan


Chair - Track 14
Adamantia Pateli
Ionian University
Chair - Track 14; Invited Sessions Coordinator
Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen
United Nations University (UNU-EGOV)