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Track 11: Doctoral Colloquium

Tuesday, 31 March 2020 | 10:00 - 17:00 | Harokopio University of Athens


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The presentation of students’ work at the Doctoral Colloquium aims at providing feedback from academic experts and building the students’ peer-to-peer and professional networks. Submissions to the Doctoral Colloquium are welcome from doctoral students who would like to present their research work on any topic related to the conference theme and tracks. Submissions should explain the research problem, the motivation, the research questions as well as the research methodology. It should also include the scientific and technical challenges and the respective research results. Doctoral Colloquium submissions will have the form of ongoing research papers. Although supervisors can co-author the paper, the doctoral student must be. The day will be split into distinct morning and afternoon sessions, with a networking lunch in between. Students will have 25 minutes to present their work and will received feedback afterwards.


Chair - Doctoral Colloquium
Hiroko Kudo
Chuo University
Chair - Doctoral Colloquium
João Álvaro Carvalho
University of Minho