Best Paper Awards

The goal of the ICEGOV Best Paper Awards is to acknowledge excellent research performed by the authors in the field of Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance, whose papers have been accepted for the conference.

The award consists of a printed certificate and a symbolic gift, usually a cultural object from the host country of the conference. The certificate and the gift are delivered to the author(s) of the winning paper by the Awards Committee Chair during the closing ceremony of the conference.

A total of four papers categories are awarded at ICEGOV2020: Best Research Paper, Best Ongoing Research Paper, Best Short Paper, Best Poster Paper.


For a paper to be considered for the Best Paper Award, all of the following eligibility criteria must be met:

  • The paper must have a clear link to theory and practice of electronic governance.
  • The paper must be original work, not published or considered for publication elsewhere.
  • The paper must have at least two reviews.
  • The paper must have an overall review score higher than 3.0.
  • At least one of the authors must have presented the paper during the conference.


— The Chair of the Awards Committee is appointed by the Head of UNU-EGOV (as coordinator of the conference).

— The Awards Committee Chair appoints, at his/her discretion, three additional members for the committee. A check is made between the Chair and the ICEGOV Secretariat to verify if there is any Conflict of Interest (COI) between the members of the committee and the authors of the conference (such as relatives, students, colleagues or co-authors).

— Any paper authored or co-authored by a member of the committee, including the Chair, will be automatically excluded from the process.

— The decisions must be made by the committee members consensually or by vote. In case of a tie, the Chair has the final vote.

— The committee must nominate three papers in each of the four categories, that is, a total of twelve papers must be nominated.

— The Chair should start the awards process as soon as the list of accepted papers is ready (usually this takes places two months before the conference).

— The ICEGOV Secretariat compiles, for all categories, the list of papers that meet the eligibility criteria and sends it to the committee. This list includes the paper ID, title, abstract, category, overall review score, and the number of indications for “best paper” by the reviewers. A full version of the paper is also provided, as submitted for review. Author names are not listed anywhere.