Industry Sessions

Industry Session Chair
Laurie Patton
Conexion Media Management, Australia
Industry Speaker
Paul Budde
Paul Budde Consulting, Australia
Industry Session 3 Chair
Nichola Cooper
NewVote, Australia
Industry Speaker
Teresa Corbin
Communications Consumer Action Network, Australia
Industry Speaker
Mark Jones
Enex Carbon, Australia
Industry Speaker
Alan Lloyd
Cuuble, Australia
Industry Speaker
Jason Potts
RMIT University, Australia
Industry Speaker
Mark Toomey
Digital Leadership Institute, Australia
Industry Speaker
Jane Thomason
Blockchain Quantum Impact, Australia
Industry Speaker
Jamie Skella
Skella & Co, Australia
Industry Speaker
Dion McCurdy
NewVote, Australia
Industry Speaker
Katrina Donaghy
Civic Ledger, Australia
Industry Speaker
Meghan Motto
Governance Institute of Australia , Australia
Industry Session Speaker
Emma Dawson
Per Capita, Australia
Industry Session 5 Chair
Sean Walsh
Alyne, Australia
Industry Speaker
Michelle Fitzgerald
City of Melbourne , Australia
Industry Speaker
Christian von Reventlow
Group Executive, Product and Technology, Australia
Industry Speaker
Nigel Phair
UNSW Canberra Cyber, Australia

WHAT & WHY: Industry Sessions are an integral part of the ICEGOV conference. They focus on the industry and government perspective of Electronic Governance. In a series of specially designed sessions, including round-table discussions, critical issues will be covered. Each session is organised by leading institutions or technology providers in the area. Industry Sessions are a unique opportunity for a global insight from practitioners, businesses, and international organisations, provide a look into the latest technology solutions and approaches with practical examples and case studies from around the globe. They are also a chance for insightful discussions and networking, and provide an opportunity for e-Government products and services to be demonstrated to conference attendees.

WHEN: Industry Sessions take place during all 3 days of the conference. Each session lasts 2 hours. The list of sessions is available below – clicking on each one will provide more information.

HOW TO APPLY: download and fill the ICEGOV2019 Industry Session Application available here.


Participants who attend the Industry Sessions will receive a Continuous Professional Development Certificate (CPD).

DAY 1 | Wednesday, 3 April 2019

DAY 2 | Thursday, 4 April 2019

DAY 3 | Friday, 5 April 2019