Henry B. Wolfe

Industry Session 6 Panellist

Henry B. Wolfe

ICT Professional, Australia

Dr. Wolfe has been an active ICT professional for 60 years. He has earned a number of university ICT degrees culminating with a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Otago (Virus Defenses in the MS/DOS Environment). The first ten years of his career were spent programming and designing systems in the manufacturing environment; the most notable was one of the first fully automated accounting systems in the U.S. The next ten years of ever increasing responsibility was devoted to serving in the U.S. Federal Government rising to the position of Director of Management Information Systems for the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

In 1979 Dr. Wolfe took up an academic post at the University of Otago and for the past thirty-five or so years has specialized in computer security (retiring on the 13th of June 2018). During that period he has earned an international reputation in the field of electronic forensics, encryption, surveillance, privacy and computer virus defenses.

Dr. Wolfe writes about a wide range of security and privacy issues for Computers & Security, Digital Investigation (where he was an Editorial Board Member - until retirement), Network Security, the Cato Institute, Cryptologia, the Telecommunications Reports, and IEEE Computer. He was a Fellow of the Institute of IT Professionals New Zealand - until retirement. He was on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Cryptologic Research finishing up in January 2003.

Over the years he has provided advice on security matters to major government bodies within New Zealand as well as government organizations in Australia, Panama, Singapore and the U.S.; and additionally to New Zealand businesses and the major New Zealand Internet Service Providers. He has advised the New Zealand Law Commission in preparation for their publication of the Computer Misuse Report – Report No. 54, Electronic Commerce Part Two – Report No. 58, and Electronic Commerce Part Three – Report No. 68. He has been commissioned to provide training in electronic forensics for law enforcement organizations (New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, etc.). Since 1988 he has supervised and conducted more than one hundred and seventy-five (175) computer security audits of New Zealand businesses and government bodies in and around Dunedin. His opinions are regularly sought by the various media organizations (newspaper, radio and television). He is also an expert witness for the an on going high profile trial in New Zealand.

Dr. Wolfe is a regular invited and keynote speaker at international conferences having spoken at over 60 conferences, in more than 20 countries, during the past 30 years. He addresses security and privacy issues – both technical and policy. He recently addressed all of New Zealand’s High, Appeal and Supreme Courts Justices and also separately addressed 80 Justices from the Australian Federal and Supreme Courts. He was an invited plenary speaker at the October 2017 NZ Family Law Conference addressing more than 400 attorneys and 14 judges. During this time Dr. Wolfe has also spoken nearly 60 times at non-conference venues. The most recent being as an Invited Speaker – The Mobile Phone: Is it Safe?, To Doctors, Independent, Physician Association of Nassau/Suffolk Counties, Commack, Long Island, New York, October 2018, and previously, for example, at the US Military Academy at West Point amongst many others.

His primary research interest is centered around the discipline of mobile phone security, electronic forensics, surveillance, and private communications techniques. These all involve the implementation of various cryptographic algorithms and other techniques that are currently available, and the associated hardware and software necessary to implement such systems. He has a long history and association with both the cryptographic and the technical surveillance counter-measures communities.