City Eye: Accessibility for All


In today's world, making a good travel plan is not an easy task for most people. However, the situation is even more complicated for people with disabilities. For them, even simple trips, such as travelling to visit a museum or an exposition, have become extremely difficult. A wide variety of travel planning needs to be made days or months in advance, such as where, when, and how to travel, as well as how to get around and how to choose a suitable means of transportation. As a response in this ongoing project, our intention is to apply our proposed solution of linked data technologies in the domains of tourism services and e-governance to build a smart city. In particular, we want to provide useful travel information to people with disabilities and to make their travelling easier.

Linked Data; Semantic Web; Disabled Travel; Tourism Destination; Accessibility Information; e-Governance
Zhan Liu, Maria Sokhn, Anne Le Calvé, Roland Schegg
ACM Digital Library